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Typical: closeups by clouded-ambition Typical: closeups by clouded-ambition
yup yup. closeups from this deviation:
[link] .
kay, from top to bottom, left to right.
first panel: a pillow. i am proud of that pillow. it is satin-y.
second panel: aiden's face! i love him. his freckles, his hair!
btw, really helpful hair tutorial that totally inspired me --[link]

second panel: the polaroids! the first one is riley, his boyfriend [yeah, i know, sorry ladies] and the second is calla lilies from another deviation of mine. the caption on it says "Dec 2004".
the post-it note, with my unruly attempted-man-scribble, has a number that's totally not real, so don't try it :P, and "Riley cell phone".
third panel: the calendar and corner of the fight club poster - sandwiched between is a note with Broken Social Scene lyrics, 'Cause = Time'.
last two: his tummy! and a closeup of the sleeve of his hoodie. because he sleeps all over his clothes in his messy, messy room. like me. :]
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